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How to clean hotel tablecloths ?


How to clean hotel tablecloths ?


How to clean hotel tablecloths ?

The cleaning process of hotel tablecloths can refer to the following steps:

Clean in a timely manner. After using the tablecloth, it should be cleaned immediately, especially for water-soluble stains such as vinegar, wine, sugar, and salt. Soaking the tablecloth in vinegar or salt before cleaning can effectively remove such stains.

Classify cleaning. For oil and protein stains, clean with alkaline solution. The specific method is to add 5ml of alkaline solution to 5L of water and boil for about 5 minutes. After the oil and protein stains disappear, remove and clean. Pigment stains can be treated with bleach, which involves adding 50g of bleach to 5L of clean water, soaking the tablecloth for 5 minutes, then cleaning, drying, and air drying.

Disinfection treatment. Regularly use disinfectant for cleaning to maintain the hygiene of tablecloths.

Dry and air dry. The cleaned tablecloth can be machine dried or naturally air dried, but the temperature should be controlled at around 40 degrees Celsius to avoid wrinkles.

Manual cleaning. Dinner cloths can be hand washed or machine washed, but they should be gently rubbed to avoid excessive pulling.

Pay attention to details. Non white napkins should not be bleached, and should be thoroughly washed to avoid residual cleaning agents from irritating the skin.

In addition, for special stubborn stains, such as mold spots, they can be treated by gently scrubbing with dishwashing detergent or scrubbing with washed rice water or mung bean sprouts.