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What is the existing linen carts trolley overview?


What is the existing linen carts trolley overview?


At present, the cleaning and upkeep work of hotels is mainly carried out by cleaners pushing carts to various guest rooms. The job responsibilities include the following:

1. Replace the bedding, pillowcases, and bed sheets in the guest room, replace the bath towels and towels in the guest room;

2. Supplement the missing toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, shower caps, soap, slippers, etc.) and food (beverages, melon seeds, etc.) in the guest room;

3. Clean the guest room, floor, bed, table, and bathroom;

4. Clean up the garbage in the guest room, including bathroom and bedroom garbage. Generally speaking, cleaning personnel need to clean multiple rooms at once and carry a large number of items (replacement, supplement, cleaning), so a storage space designed reasonably, convenient to use, safe and hygienic handcart is needed.

5. Most of the existing linen carts on the market now have very limited storage space, unclear regional functional division, and no garbage compression device. These defects, on the one hand, make hotel room cleaning work inefficient, have poor battery life, and cannot continuously clean three or more rooms with quality and quantity, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the cleaning staff's work. On the other hand, during the use process, there are often items that need to be placed separately mixed together, such as clean sheets and replaced sheets, which are not clearly separated, and there may even be mixed situations: cleaning tools and food are not clearly separated; Insufficient space for garbage storage, overflowing trash cans, and coming into contact with other items on the cart all greatly compromise the quality of cleaning work and require improvement.