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How do hotels choose suitable hotel bed pillow?


How do hotels choose suitable hotel bed pillow?


The fabric of hotel linen is usually high count and high-density pure cotton fabric, so how to choose to purchase hotel bed pillows in hotel linen bedding? How to choose a hotel bed pillow with the appropriate height by observing the height of the hotel bed pillow?

According to medical surveys, healthy individuals undergo approximately 20-45 changes in posture during an 8-hour sleep, with 60% lying supine, 35% lying sideways, and 5% lying prone.

When lying on the back, the compression height of the hotel bed pillow is equal to the fist height, which is about 9.3cm for Asians; When lying on the side, it is equal to the width of one shoulder. Asians have a compression height of about 14cm, while females have a compression height of 7cm~12cm, and males have a compression height of 11cm~14cm.

It is generally advisable to have a hotel bed pillow height of around 9 centimeters, which is equivalent to the height of one's own fist. Regarding the hotel bed pillow core part, it is recommended that the hotel develop a hotel bed pillow menu and place at least 4 hotel bed pillows in the room to meet the different needs of guests.

The filling of the hotel bed pillow core should be soft, which is beneficial for adjusting the hotel bed pillow during sleep. When lying on the back, lower the hotel bed pillow and raise the neck to increase the contact area between the neck and the hotel bed pillow, while maintaining the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine. When pulling sideways, the hotel bed pillow should be adjusted so that the cervical spine remains parallel to the shoulder in an upright position. This is in line with the normal physiological sleep of the cervical spine.

It is recommended to use hotel bed pillows with a length of 50-58cm for a 1.8m bed, while most hotels currently use hotel bed pillow of the same specification; It is recommended to use 50cm * 80cm for beds with a height of 1.8m, and 45cm * 75cm for beds below 1.5m.


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