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What is the function of a trash can?


What is the function of a trash can?


The garbage bin helps to change environmental hygiene, reduce the occurrence and prevalence of diseases, and its placement ensures that many wastes are properly disposed of without the phenomenon of solid waste floating around in the sky. The outdoor placement of waste can easily generate bacteria and some toxic gases, and even spread the spread of diseases. Therefore, the waste in garbage bins needs to be cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner to prevent this phenomenon from occurring.

Garbage bins also contribute to the optimization, integration, and recycling of resources. Nowadays, cities are equipped with waste bins for sorting and recycling waste. The recyclable waste in the recyclable waste bin can be recycled and reused. For example, the recycling and utilization of waste paper is not only beneficial for environmental protection, but also for the rational development and utilization of tree resources.

Although the main function of a trash can is to be convenient rather than beautiful, when conditions permit, it should make the appearance of public facilities lively and bright, becoming a "landscape equipment". Perhaps a small change, a delicate change can be refreshing, and thus add luster to the city's image.