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Latex Pillow Luxury Sleeping Hotel Bedding Sets


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Latex Pillow Luxury Sleeping Hotel Bedding Sets

  • Material Latex
  • MOQ 100 Pieces
  • Certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C
latex pillow (2)4x3
7 Jan 2019

Latex Pillow

* 60*40*10cm
* healthy medium height
latex pillow (1)onp

Professional Technique

7 Jan 2019
* With Oeko-Tex standard 100 compliance product, the sheets are free from harmful substances and has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear
* 100% quality inspection, strictly control quality in each procedure.


Item Name Latex Pillow Luxury Sleeping Hotel Bedding Sets 
Fabric 100% latex
Color White
Weight 1000-1200g
Size 60*40*10cm
Pattern/Design Stripe, Sateen, Plain, Embrodiery on the cover
Technique Breathing holes on it
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the Woven bag

The function and effects of latex pillows.

Latex pillows are made from natural latex and processed without any harmful or side effects to the human body, and they have good antibacterial and anti-mite effects. The design of latex pillows is based on ergonomics, which helps improve people's sleep quality and effectiveness. In addition, latex pillows have good moisture absorption and breath-ability, making them especially suitable for people who snore, as they can reduce snoring. The high elasticity and affinity of latex pillows can effectively cushion the body's pressure, making people feel comfortable when using them. Latex pillows can also effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human body and fibers, promote blood circulation in the head, and improve the effect of insomnia. The honeycomb structure of latex pillows can quickly dissipate the body's heat, making people feel more comfortable and thereby improving sleep quality. Latex pillows can also improve cervical, lumbar, and blood pressure. They can provide relief for some patients with cervical spine diseases and high blood pressure. The environmental protection, non-polluting, non-toxic, and anti-allergic characteristics of latex pillows make them an increasingly popular choice.   latex pillow (6)agz

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