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White Pillow For Hotel Bed Sleeping Microfiber Pillow


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White Pillow For Hotel Bed Sleeping Microfiber Pillow

  • Material Microfiber
  • MOQ 50pcs
  • Customization YES
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What are the classifications of white pillow for hotel?

There are many different types of white pillow for hotel that can be classified based on material, shape, hardness, and purpose.
1. Cotton pillow: filled with cotton, the texture is soft and comfortable, relatively ventilated and breathable, suitable for summer use.
2. Down pillow: filled with goose down or duck down, adjustable temperature and humidity, relatively lightweight and soft, suitable for use in autumn and winter seasons.
3. Memory pillow: Made of memory materials, it can automatically adjust the height according to the shape of the head and neck, better supporting the neck and helping to improve sleep quality.
4. Wax pillow: Wax pillow is made of natural wax, which can absorb moisture and sweat, provide ventilation and breathability, and is not easy to breed bacteria, making it particularly suitable for summer use.
5. Buckwheat shell pillow: filled with buckwheat shells, it has a massage effect and can prevent diseases such as cervical spondylosis and shoulder periarthritis, suitable for a wide range of people.
6. Massage pillow: Equipped with a built-in massage device, it can relieve body fatigue, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and is suitable for people who need to relax their bodies.
7. Hugging pillow: Similar in shape to the human body, it can embrace sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and is suitable for pregnant women, insomnia, or people living alone.
In summary, when choosing a pillow, it is necessary to choose a suitable one based on one's sleep habits and physical condition.

Down Alternative Bed Pillow (10)82n


Item Name White Pillow For Hotel Bed Sleeping Microfiber Pillow
Color White
Size 48*74cm
Pattern/Design Solid color or customized
Technique Single or Double Needle Stitching 
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the opp bag

Use In Hotel Or Resort

Down Alternative Bed Pillow (15)cah

Product Introduction

Bathrobes (5)s39Hotel bedding set (2)rmy

overall Ratlngs

Hotel bedding set (1)ncwHotel bedding set (2)1l0Hotel bedding set (3)446

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