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Bath Shower Towels Face And Body Towel Mat For Spa & Hotel


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Bath Shower Towels Face And Body Towel Mat For Spa & Hotel

  • Material 100% Cotton
  • MOQ 100 sets
  • Design Plain Towel
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C
Bathrobes (9)3zs
7 Jan 2019

Bath Shower Towels

* Standard Towels For Hotel
* Plain Towels In Stock
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Professional knowledge in the hotel towel industry.

7 Jan 2019
Hotel towel fabrics can be divided into plain, colored, printed, cut, plain weave, jacquard, segmented, spiral, etc. according to production methods.
Mainly made of high-quality yarn spun from cotton fibers, it has the advantages of good water absorption performance, soft hand feel, and strong three-dimensional sense. Commonly used yarn count includes 21S and 16S single yarn, as well as 21S/2, 32S/2, 40S/2 double stranded thread, etc. (spiral products generally use 16S single yarn weaving). Count refers to the number of meters per gram of yarn length when the common moisture regain rate is 8.5%. The higher the count, the finer the yarn.
The technical requirements are divided into two aspects: intrinsic quality and appearance quality. The intrinsic quality includes weft density, weight, breaking strength, dyeing fastness, and water absorption; The appearance quality includes defects such as line blocks, stripes, dispersibility, damage, printing and dyeing, and finishing.


Item Name Bath Shower Towels Face And Body Towel Mat For Spa & Hotel
Fabric 100% cotton bath shower towels
Color White bath shower towels
Thread Count 32S, 16S
One Set Hand towel *1, Face Towel *1, Bath Mat *1,Bath Towel * 1
Size Refer to the following Size Chart
Pattern/Design Embroidery / Jacquard Weaving Customer's Name Lable or Logo
Technique Spiral Terry, Unique Header and Border Design, Embroidery
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the Woven bag

OYAS Towel Size Chart (cm)

Towels Size(cm) Weight(g)
Bath Towel/Beach Towel/Spa Towel 70x140 /75x150 /80x150 /80x160 500 /600 /650 /700 /800 /850
Hand Towel 38x70 /35x75 /40x75 /40x80 /48x90 100 /120 /150 /180 /200 /300
Face Towel 30x30 /32x32 50 /60 /70
Remark: Any other size can be made according to your order.

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