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100% Cotton Bath Towel High Quality Hotel Towel with Logo


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100% Cotton Bath Towel High Quality Hotel Towel with Logo

  • Material Cotton
  • MOQ 50 sets
  • Certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What are the advantages of 100% cotton bath towels?

People nowadays have increasingly high demands for quality of life, and the demand for daily necessities in life is also very high. Everyone attaches great importance to it, and the most important one can be said to be the textile towel that has intimate contact with the skin. It is a daily necessities that we cannot lack when washing our face and taking a shower. There are many materials for bath towels on the market now, and 100% cotton bath towels are a popular one. Today, we will take you to take a look at relevant information about 100% cotton bath towels, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
(1)How about 100% cotton bath towels
1. Comprehensive bath towels are a type of fabric woven from cotton yarn, which is highly favored by consumers. When choosing 100% cotton bath towels, we should also be the primary choice. Comprehensive fibers have a very soft touch and good water absorption, so they are often woven into towels, bath towels, and other textiles that come into contact with our skin.
2. Bathtowels are an indispensable daily item in our lives, but many people overlook their cleaning and maintenance after use. 100% cotton bath towels have excellent water absorption, and if left in the bathroom for a long time, they will absorb a lot of moisture from the bathroom.
(2) 100% cotton bath towels - Advantages
1. Flexibility
The most impressive thing about it is its softness, touch, and comfort. It is a towel with strong moisture absorption ability, so even if touched directly on the face, it will not give people an uncomfortable feeling.
2. Heat resistance
Its heat resistance is also very strong, even at a temperature of 110 ℃, it will only cause the moisture on the towel to evaporate, without damaging the fibers in the towel. Washing pure cotton towels at room temperature will not have any impact, and it also improves the washing and durability of Cat Hubei.
3. Hygienic
The material used in all cotton towels belongs to natural fibers, mainly using cellulose and some small amounts of candle substances, nitrogen, and pectin. After many tests and practices, it has been confirmed that cotton towels do not have any stimulating sexual side effects when in contact with the skin, and long-term use is not harmful to the human body.
The organization of 100% cotton bath towels has come to an end here. I wonder if everyone has a deeper understanding of this type of knowledge after reading the introduction about 100% cotton bath towels? Bathtowels should be cleaned in a timely manner if they have been used for a long time, otherwise they will be covered with accumulated dirt and grime, which can harm the health of residents.



Item Name 100% Cotton Bath Towel High Quality Hotel Towel with Logo
Fabric Cotton
Color White
Thread Count 32S,16S
30*30cm/35*75cm /50*80cm /70*140cm /80*150cm
Pattern/Design Stripe, Sateen, Plain, Piping, Embroidery
Customized Support color, size, logo customized
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the Woven bag

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