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How to place hotel towel sets?


How to place hotel towel sets?

How to place hotel towel setsoxu

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How to place hotel towel sets

Before going to bed at the hotel, wet towels are hung on the door handles. Wipes can filter toxic smoke to a certain extent. In case of a fire, it will take a long time to take a towel from the bathroom, which will delay escape. It is convenient to use the towel on the doorknob, which can not only escape within a short time, but also prevent poisoning.
When living in a hotel on a lower floor, such as 3-5 floors, wet towel sets can be used for escape. The fire just occurred, and there will not be heavy smoke and dust, so using a towel to eliminate smoke under small smoke and dust conditions, the effect is also 3 minutes.
If the fire is very large, even if you live on a lower floor, using a towel to cover your nose and mouth to escape, your eyes will be choked by smoke and can't open, you can't see the escape route at all.

The maintenance method of towel Sets in the hotel bathroom:
Washing and maintenance tips
When washing hotel towels, avoid using too hot water: when washing cotton towels, avoid using too hot water and drying for a long time. In drying, the rolling drying in the machine can make cotton towels more fluffy and soft, while hanging to dry cannot achieve this effect.
Do not pour detergents directly on the towels: using a small amount of detergent can make the towels softer. Avoid pouring detergents directly on the towel sets, otherwise the residual solution of detergent will cause the towels to become hard, and try to reduce the use of chlorine bleach.