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Sofa Cushion Modern Style Handmade PU Leather Woven Pillow Home Decorative


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Sofa Cushion Modern Style Handmade PU Leather Woven Pillow Home Decorative

A hotel is another home for us when we go out, and when we enter the hotel, the most attractive thing is the soft and comfortable bed. However, many people are puzzled by the four pillows on the bed. This time, we will delve into why hotels put four pillows on the bed and what functions these four pillows have.

  • Material PU Leather
  • MOQ 50 pcs
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What are the functions of a pillow?

Throwing pillows are very common in our lives. Firstly, they are a decoration, and secondly, they also belong to the category of bedding. Due to its diverse functions, it is highly favored by users and has become a part of home life. Today, I will briefly introduce to you the functions of a pillow.
The function of a pillow 1
There are various types of pillows on the market, and if distinguished by seam edges, they can be divided into whisker edges, ruffle edges, wide edges, inner seam edges, rolled edges, and braid edges. Different seam edges can display different tastes. Although the pillowcase is small, it can be seen from the small to the big. In addition to materials and patterns, pillowcases with different seam patterns also have different placement positions and matching types. The owner's personality will also be revealed from the pillows of all sizes-
The function of a pillow 2
Some people are fond of pillows not only because they can decorate the room and bring warmth, but also because they can showcase personality. Nowadays, pillows are no longer limited to square and square quadrilateral shapes. They are round, long, animal like, cartoonish, and more and more shapes can capture different personality factors. In terms of color design, more creative ideas are also incorporated, such as embroidery, beadwork, feathers, sequins, tassels, ribbons, and even stones, making the small pillow a personalized elf. Although it is just a small accessory, it is easy to catch the eye. Even ordinary furniture may change its monotony due to the addition of a few pillows.
The function of a pillow 3
Pillows of different colors can also visually divide space. For example, if you like free space, you can connect your living room, dining room, and balcony completely, but as long as you place orange pillows in the dining room, match a blue pillowcase with a light colored sofa in the living room, and match a floral pattern pillowcase with a rattan chair or seat on the balcony, the three interconnected but functionally different spaces will appear both interconnected and distinct.
If one day it leaves you, will you feel an immense emptiness in your heart, an immense sorrow and disappointment in your heart. It can serve as your health pillow, it can serve as your decorative pillow, it can serve as your massage pillow, and it is ubiquitous in our lives. It is a comfort for your fatigue, a catalyst for happiness, a placebo for fear. With it, happiness instantly surrounds you, making you feel incredibly comfortable and accompanying you to sleep.



Item Name Sofa Cushion Modern Style Handmade PU Leather Woven Pillow Home Decorative 
Fabric PU Leather
Color White beige green orange
Size 18x18in
Pattern/Design Solid color or customized
Technique Single or Double Needle Stitching 
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the Woven bag

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