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Pool Towel Hotel Cotton Withe Hotel Towels Sets Luxury sets


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Pool Towel Hotel Cotton Withe Hotel Towels Sets Luxury sets

  • Material Cotton
  • MOQ 50 sets
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C

Why do towels break holes? The reason is here?

Towels are essential cleaning products in our daily lives, but with the arrival of summer, we often wash our faces or take showers. New towels will soon have holes or local fragility, mainly due to mold. I believe many consumers will have questions, why do towels have holes?
Expert research has found that most of the holes in towels are irregular. When observed under a microscope at the brittle and discolored areas, it was found that the fiber surface has obvious mold growth. Even after washing with water, fiber mold colonies can still be detected. Crispy towels are stored in damp, hot, and stuffy containers before being sun dried after washing or wiping sweat. The longer they are stored, the more severe the brittleness.
According to consumer feedback, there are also new towels that break easily when washed. These lint towels are made without washing or desizing, and the starch in them is precisely the nutrient for mold. Once the humid and hot environment conditions are met, mold will quickly breed and secrete enzymes, breaking down fibers and starch into glucose. At the same time, the dandruff contained in sweat waves (including proteins, fats, amino acids, and inorganic salts such as potassium and sodium) further promotes the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms, releasing acidic substances that not only promote bacterial survival, but also accelerate the hydrolysis of starch and fiber. So, after using new towels or with unwashed starch, they can become moldy and brittle in damp, hot, and poorly ventilated environments.

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Item Name High Quality Custom Design Bath Towels Set 600g 100% Cotton Hotel Towel Set
Fabric 100% Cotton
Color White
Thread Count 32S,16S
One Set Hand towel/ Face towel/ Bath Towel/ Floor towel/ Beach towel
Size 30*30cm/35*75cm /50*80cm /70*140cm /80*150cm
Pattern/Design Stripe, Sateen, Plain, Piping, Embroidery
Customized Support color, size, logo customized
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Opp bag

Use In Hotel Or Resort


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