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How to use napkin rings?


How to use napkin rings?

  1. Prepare napkins and napkin rings

Before dining, it is necessary to prepare a napkin and napkin ring, organize the napkin and lay it flat on the table, and then place the napkin ring next to the tableware.

  1. Place the napkin into the napkin ring

Fit the napkin along the edge of the napkin ring, ensuring that the napkin completely covers the napkin ring.

  1. Fix the napkin ring by overlapping both sides of the napkin ring. If it is a plastic napkin ring, it can be tightened. If it is a metal or wooden napkin ring, the buckle needs to be opened to fasten both sides of the napkin ring together.
  2. Pick up the napkin

When dining, simply pick up the napkin from the napkin ring and put it back into the napkin ring after use.


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