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Hotel Cushion Plush Pillow Case Bedside Sofa Cushion Hot Selling


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Hotel Cushion Plush Pillow Case Bedside Sofa Cushion Hot Selling

A hotel is another home for us when we go out, and when we enter the hotel, the most attractive thing is the soft and comfortable bed. However, many people are puzzled by the four pillows on the bed. This time, we will delve into why hotels put four pillows on the bed and what functions these four pillows have.

  • Material 100% Polyester
  • MOQ 50 pcs
  • Certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What are the materials of the pillow?

There are many types of pillow materials, each with its own characteristics and applicable scenarios. Here are some common pillow materials:
1. Cotton: Cotton pillows are soft and comfortable, with good breathability and strong moisture absorption. It is a natural material that is skin friendly and less likely to cause allergies. Cotton pillows are suitable for use in any season, especially in summer.
2. Polyester fiber: Polyester fiber pillows have the characteristics of elasticity, lightweight, wrinkle resistance, and durability. Their filling material can be polyester fiber balls, which have good support. Polyester fiber wrap is easy to clean and suitable for daily use.
3. Kangaroo fleece: Kangaroo fleece is a simulated animal fur material. It is made of a mixture of artificial fibers and natural materials, with a soft and comfortable touch. Kangaroo plush pillows are more suitable for use in winter and can bring a warm feeling to people.
4. Silk: The silk pillow has a smooth texture, high glossiness, and a comfortable touch. Silk has good insulation and moisture absorption properties, making it suitable for use in winter. Silk pillows also help protect hair from static damage.
5. Leather: The leather pillow is made of animal leather, such as cowhide, sheepskin, etc. They have a high-end and luxurious appearance and touch, while also being relatively durable. Leather pillows have a unique style in decoration and are often used to create high-end atmosphere in spaces.
These are just some common pillow materials, and there are various other materials available on the market, such as down velvet fabric. Each material has its own characteristics and applicable scenarios, and the selection of hugs can be based on personal preferences, seasons, and usage environments.

Hotel Cushion  (5)p3m


Item Name Hotel Cushion Plush Pillow Case Bedside Sofa Cushion Hot Selling
Fabric Polyester
Color Multiple colors
Size 18x18in/12x20in
Pattern/Design Solid color or customized
Technique Single or Double Needle Stitching 
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Compressed in the Woven bag

Use In Hotel Or Resort

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