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High Quality Custom Design Bath Towels Set 600g 100% Cotton Hotel Towel Set


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High Quality Custom Design Bath Towels Set 600g 100% Cotton Hotel Towel Set

  • Material Cotton
  • MOQ 50 sets
  • Customization Or No Yes
  • Payment T/T, L/C

Why are towels in hotels and guesthouses particularly severely damaged?

This is a typical problem that hotel laundry room staff often encounter. Today, the hotel knows how much to help you clarify.
① When washing towels in a water washing machine for too long, most of the time they are constantly rolling up and down, resulting in rubbing and rubbing movements. This kind of rubbing and rubbing movement is an important factor in washing towels, because dirty towels cannot be cleaned by soaking them in detergent alone. This rubbing and rubbing movement not only plays a role in washing towels, but also wears away fibers, reducing the firmness of towels. Therefore, controlling a reasonable washing time can reduce unnecessary wear and ensure the normal washing life of towels.
② When dehydrating, the speed of multiple high dislodges is too high (some automatic washing machines are too fast, the speed of the dehydrator is too high), and the strong centrifugal force causes the cotton fibers in the towel to stretch, just like when we use excessive force to wring the towel by hand, causing the weaving structure to loosen, which causes the middle part or the whole of the towel to become loose and damaged. Normal damage usually starts from the edge,
③ When drying, if the temperature is too high and the time is too long, and some dryers have broken cold air, it can cause excessive drying of towels. Due to the higher wet strength of cotton fibers compared to dry strength, drying them too dry can cause a decrease in towel fastness. The control requirements for air humidity in the spinning workshop of a textile factory are very high. When the air becomes slightly dry, the yarn begins to break. At this time, the spinning workers are busy connecting the broken ends, which affects normal production. If the towel is baked too hot, it can also cause the fibers to become brittle and the towel's firmness to significantly decrease.



Item Name High Quality Custom Design Bath Towels Set 600g 100% Cotton Hotel Towel Set
Fabric 100% Cotton
Color White
Thread Count 32S,16S
One Set Hand towel/ Face towel/ Bath Towel/ Floor towel/ Beach towel
Size 30*30cm/35*75cm /50*80cm /70*140cm /80*150cm
Pattern/Design Stripe, Sateen, Plain, Piping, Embroidery
Customized Support color, size, logo customized
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Opp bag

Use In Hotel Or Resort


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