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High Quality 100% Combed Cotton Napkin, White Table Cloth with Jacquard Design

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High Quality 100% Combed Cotton Napkin, White Table Cloth with Jacquard Design

  • Material Cotton
  • MOQ 50pcs
  • Customization YES
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What are the folding standards for napkins?

The color and size of the napkin should match the tablecloth. For breakfast, a patterned color similar to a regular handkerchief, usually 3.25 to 45 centimeters, can be used. It can be easily folded or folded into a tent style. The napkins for lunch and dinner are mainly white or in another color, and the material should be made of hard linen cloth. The larger size is 60cm, and if it is too soft or too small, it will not fold into shape. Here are several folding methods for napkins:
Tent type
A napkin suitable for breakfast or fast food, as it is the simplest folding method and can be used with a 3.25cm napkin. Folding method: fold the napkin with one hand and push it with the other hand. First, place the overlapping angle in the upper left corner, and then fold the A and B corners in half to form a triangle; The second action is to press the right thumb against the upper end of the center of the triangular salt base and fold it into a tent shaped napkin. Turn the opening or end of the tent towards the guests.
● Curled hat type
The curled edge hat type is also suitable for napkins for casual meals. The folding method is simple. First, fold the rectangular napkins, and then overlap the right one-third to the left; Roll C down into a conical hat, then fold up the corners of E and F.
Sharp cap type
The pointed hat type is also a suitable napkin for casual meals. The stacking method is simple: ① First fold the square napkin diagonally into a triangle; ② Then fold the left and right 3/4 parts back into a pointed shape; ③ Fold up the corner in front of you again; ④ Fold and flatten the back to the back.
● Monk hat type
This is a common napkin folding method in restaurants, with a generous style and easy folding: ① Fold the square napkin in half into a rectangle; ② The second step is to fold it into a diamond shape; ③ The third step is to fold the diamond horizontally into a mountain shape; ④ The fourth step is to fold and press the bottom left corner under the top right corner; ⑤ Flip it over again and fold the bottom right corner down to the top left corner; ⑥ Divide evenly at the opening below to form a monk hat shape.
● Bishop hat shape
① Fold the napkin into a triangle; ② Turn the left and right tips towards the vertices; ③ Stack the top down, with the distance between the top and bottom vertices; ④ Fold the triangles above upwards; ⑤ Flip it over, the left and right tips overlap, with one tip inserted into the other; ⑥ Flip it over again and stand it up like a bishop's hat.
Folding fan type
① Fold the napkin inward in half, with the upper end of the first finger about 6 centimeters away from the upper end of the second fold; ② Discounted from the left, with a width of approximately 4 centimeters for each fold; ③ Fix the lower end with a clip, then open the upper end to form a folding fan. It can be placed in a plate or cup.
Fish tail type
This shaped napkin can be folded and placed in a glass or on a plate. Folding method: First fold the 3.25cm square scarf in half into a triangle, then lift it twice, and then cross it left and right to form a fishtail shape.
● Petal shaped
First fold the square napkin in half twice, then fold each layer four layers upwards. Then fold the back into a cylindrical shape and place it in a cup.
● Roll type
This roll type is suitable for folding small napkins. Simply fold the napkin directly into a cylinder, fold it in half at the middle waist, and place it in a cup.
Candle type
This candle type is also suitable for folding small napkins. First, fold the diagonal of the napkin once to form a triangle, then fold a small piece upwards from the bottom, and then roll it into a sturdy column shape. Tie it tightly at the bottom to form it, which can be placed in a water cup.

White Table Cloth (3)5em


Item Name High Quality 100% Combed Cotton Napkin, White Table Cloth with Jacquard Design 
Color White
Size 30*30cm/40*40cm/50*50cm or Refer to the customer demand
Pattern/Design Cotton fabric, Jacquard design
Technique Modern machines weave 
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Opp bag / Carton

Use In Hotel Or Resort


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