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Guestroom Items Sets Hotel Supply Leather Bedroom Set

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Guestroom Items Sets Hotel Supply Leather Bedroom Set

  • Material PU Leather
  • MOQ 50 Sets
  • Customization YES
  • Payment T/T, L/C

What is guestroom items sets?

Room supplies set is a common configuration in hotel rooms, usually including bedding, bathing supplies, and other necessary daily necessities. These sets not only provide guests with a comfortable and convenient living environment, but also reflect the hotel's care and service quality for guests.
Firstly, bedding is one of the most important parts of the guest room set. High quality bedding can bring a good sleep experience, such as soft and comfortable sheets, blankets, and pillows. At the same time, some high-end hotels also offer customized styles or distinctive pattern designs of bedding to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.
Secondly, bathing products are also an indispensable part. This includes daily cleaning essentials such as shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Moreover, more and more hotels are using natural organic ingredients to make bathing products and adopting environmentally friendly packaging methods to meet the pursuit of modern consumers for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
In addition, some high-end hotels will also be equipped with other essential items such as irons, hair dryers, mini refrigerators, and other facilities. While ensuring basic functions are met, customers may need to use various items as much as possible during their stay.
In short, a comprehensive and well handled guest room that takes into account customer needs and details makes it highly comfortable and convenient, thereby enhancing the overall image and reputation of the restaurant.

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Item Name Guestroom Items Sets Hotel Supply Leather Bedroom Set  
PU Leather
Color Any color Refer to the customer request
Size Refer to the customer request
Customized Logo and Package Acceptable
Hotel Tools, Storage, Commercial & Hospital 
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Lead Time 10-40 Days
Shipping Way By express ,By sea,By air, Door to door
Bulk Packing Carton

Use In Hotel Or Resort

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